Despite the development of high-tech non-invasive methods of cancer treatment such as radiosurgery, high precision radiation therapy, proton therapy, personalized chemotherapy or targeted immunotherapy, surgery remains an important part of quality cancer care.

Tumor surgery in MIBS

Surgery as a definitive treatment is still indispensable in the treatment of various cancers. In MIBS Oncology clinic we perform surgical interventions in the following cases

  • skin and soft tissue cancer
  • thyroid cancer
  • esophagus cancer
  • stomach cancer
  • pancreas cancer
  • retroperitoneal cancer
  • breast cancer
  • lung cancer
  • intestinal cancer
  • kidney cancer
  • bladder cancer
  • pelvic and other cancers

By choosing MIBS Oncology clinic, patients not only receive the most advanced surgical treatment of cancer in comfortable conditions but also benefit from the guaranteed higher level of quality of equipment and treatment techniques.

Advanced surgery in MIBS is successfully integrated into a comprehensive cancer care process and is successfully used in combination with other effective treatment methods such as high-precision radiation therapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy, targeted therapy

Surgery in MIBS Oncology clinic – what makes the difference?

The usual clichés about "blue plastic bed sheets" and "dark hallways" have little to do with the reality that you would see in the most advanced cancer clinics. MIBS Surgery department, armed with the world class technologies is a long way off from those dark associations with the word "surgery" evoked in many people.

Technical capacity of MIBS Surgery center advanced tools for videoendoscopic surgery allow for intervention without incisions in 75% of clinical cases. The fast track technique, a multimodal strategy of managing surgical patients at all stages of treatment, helps reduce the postoperative period and early recovery a special ventilation system ensuring an inflow of clean air is isolated from the building ventilation system and minimizes the risk of postoperative complications

High precision compact diagnostic equipment enables extra guidance (ultrasound, X-ray control) directly during a surgical procedure availability of advanced medical equipment and modern medication in ICU (intensive care unit) enables our specialists to choose the most sparing personalized solution for anesthesia, ensures a comfortable awakening from medication sleep, gently and safely manages the pain in the postoperative period

Our certified service personnel conduct regular diagnostics and planned preventative maintenance of medical equipment, MIBS technical fleet is renewed on a regular basis.

Experienced personnel. Any sophisticated equipment is operated by people therefore all departments of MIBS Oncology clinic are staffed with a sufficient number of professionals with extensive experience who continuously improve their skills, including training abroad.


Surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, receptionists, medical technicians - the patient is guaranteed a professional and courteous treatment at all levels.

Integration of surgery into our comprehensive treatment program, complete with unique capabilities of other MIBS clinic units  makes sure our patients get world-class cancer treatment.

Interaction with other departments. Our surgeons are provided with all kinds of instrumental diagnostics (PET/CT, MRI, CT, ultrasound) including not only advanced equipment but also software. The diagnostic personnel is capable of creating a virtual 3D model of the tumor site, surrounding tissues and critical structures before starting the treatment. This helps to complete diagnosis, choose the most effective tactics of complex surgery in a short period of time and minimize intervention in the course of surgical treatment.

In addition to all types of imaging, endoscopy is also widely used in our clinic and having our own Pathology Lab capable of performing immunohistochemical and oncogenetic tests enables us to determine the type and stage of the tumor, as well as the possibility of non-surgical treatment.

Streamlined logistics and MIBS capabilities let the patient go through all the necessary examinations, consultations and procedures in one place with utmost comfort and reduce the waiting time before treatment.

Laparoscopic Surgery - an effective part of the personalized treatment program in MIBS

Accurate diagnosis, advanced surgical techniques and multi-disciplinary approach to patient treatment make us capable of performing definitive surgery with the preservation of organ functions and full rehabilitation in the postoperative period. MIBS Surgery Center also includes the Endoscopy Department with expert-class equipment enabling minimally invasive video-endoscopic surgery of any level of complexity.

Adjunct surgery

The Clinic surgeons perform all types of mass lesion biopsies: CT, MRI and ultrasound guided trepanobiopsy, laparoscopically-assisted and endoscopic biopsy. We also implant peritoneal port systems and vascular access devices saving the blood vessels during drug therapy.

Comprehensive approach ensures efficiency. The advantages of undergoing surgery in MIBS clinic are not limited of being treated on the advanced equipment using the best techniques.

The main difference that puts MIBS above other private and public clinics is the ability to offer the most effective treatment package that meets the best to specific needs of the patient, with minimal side effects and at a reasonable price.

The interdisciplinary treatment planning approach involves not only surgeons but also radiosurgery and radiation therapists, chemotherapists, plastic surgery and rehabilitation specialists, enabling our doctors to plan ahead all necessary actions for maximum efficiency and safety to maintain patients’ quality of life.

The treatment procedure for each patient may have a lot of options but only by having all kinds of high-tech equipment for cancer treatment at MIBS Clinic, we can offer the whole range of cancer care that matches treatment protocols used in the best world clinics, including USA, Germany, Japan.

Benefits of cancer treatment in a specialized clinic

What differs tumor surgery in MIBS from the treatment carried out in general clinics is its specialty - oncology. Specialization and generalization of clinics differ at all treatment stages:


Radiologists processing diagnostic data have extensive experience and continuously improve their skills. Patients of MIBS Surgery department have their tumors verified for morphological types, they undergo immunohistochemical studies to determine the possibility of surgery-free cancer treatment. Owing to the robust software system capable of creating, when required, virtual 3D tumor models, any MIBS surgeon, based on CT, MRI, PET/CT images, can determine the ways to minimize the scope of intervention before surgery. This reduces the time and damage caused by the procedure and facilitates the subsequent rehabilitation. 

Specialized surgery

The main purpose of surgical treatment in oncology is the complete removal of the tumor while sparing healthy tissue and based on regional tumor extension (a part of healthy tissues, which may include metastasis, lymph nodes) - since a recurrence of cancer may start from a single cell. Moreover, cancer patients are more sensitive to the accuracy of anesthesia. MIBS will offer the best tumor removal option and carefully pick the anesthetic support, taking into account all the individual characteristics.

Comprehensive (combined) treatment

Even before the start of surgery, MIBS Oncology clinic develops a personal treatment program that takes into consideration all available options, including from the perspective of preservation of the patient’s quality of life. For example to reduce the tumor volume and minimize the scope of intervention we can use neoadjuvant chemotherapy and radiation therapy that are carried out before the surgery. Such capabilities are not always available in general hospitals.

According to the world standards, common tumors require treatment of metastases, followed by radiation therapy of the dissected tumor bed and a part of the lymph nodes - all this including all forms of chemotherapeutic treatment is widely used in our clinic.

Follow-up programs

Special features of each clinical case and the extension of the disease at the start of treatment are the factors determining its effectiveness. Highly effective follow-up methods help promptly detect metastasis or recurrence of the tumor and make it possible to carry out an optimal treatment program in the event of disease progression. Based on the clinical data and disease characteristics of each patient, experienced MIBS specialists develop individual follow-up programs to monitor the progress without too much burden on the patient, both in terms of frequency and scope of the diagnostics and in terms of the cost of the follow-up. MIBS specialists will develop an individual follow-up program, and a broad network of our diagnostic centers will make it possible for the patient to carry out follow-up studies in his/her "home" area. After clinic discharge, the patient remains in contact with the doctors, while, if necessary doctor recommendations can be adjusted remotely.

The cost of surgical treatment in MIBS

High qualification of our specialists, regular staff training, advanced and precision equipment, employment of the best techniques and materials - all this affects the cost of medical services. In a word, surgery as any high-tech technology, cannot be cheap by default. However, for MIBS patients the total cost of their treatment is reduced due to the following factors:

high precision and efficiency of cancer treatment reduce the length of stay in the clinic and the time of subsequent rehabilitation in the short term and the patient expenses for a possible re-treatment in the long term.

Having all advanced cancer treatment methods available in one place eliminates overpayment incurred by undergoing various types of diagnostics and treatment in several clinics, total cost of treatment is reduced due to the possibility of follow-up diagnostic testing in MIBS own diagnostic branches: you will not need to go to St. Petersburg from other regions or regularly visit the facility where treatment was carried out every time you need a follow-up examination.

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