The MIBS Children Oncology Hospital is located in St. Petersburg with its own Proton Therapy Center, equipped with two treatment rooms with rotating gantries. Proton therapy at MIBS is performed on Varian ProBeam equipment using PBS technology, the most advanced protocol for delivering ionizing radiation exactly to the tumor borders.
If it is necessary to combine different methods of radiotherapy , proton therapy can be supplemented with treatment on modern linear accelerators, Gamma Knife and Cyber Knife devices, which are also equipped with the facilities of MIBS in St. Petersburg.
In addition to the possibilities for proton and photon radiation therapy, the MIBS Pediatric Oncology hospital has the following facilities for the complex treatment and diagnosis of tumors in children:

● Inpatient department with comfortable wards, modern equipment and areas for games;
● Department of chemotherapy with modern infusomat systems;
● Department of radiation diagnostics (ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET-CT);
● Diagnostic laboratories (morphological diagnostics, molecular genetic studies);
● a psychological service works for children and their parents on an ongoing basis.

The MIBS Pediatric Oncology Clinic welcomes leading specialists in the field of pediatric oncology, including Olga Zheludkova, a well-known pediatric oncologist in Russia.
We have been able to project the best reputation for the treatment of children oncology.  The proof of our reputation is based on the constant growth in the number of patients, a significant share of which is occupied by children from various regions of Russia and other countries.
In less than three years, the MIBS Proton Therapy Center, which is an important part of the treatment of pediatric tumors, has reached the capacity calculated by the manufacturer: up to 85-90 people were treated in two gantry treatment rooms per day. According to the manufacturer, Varian Medical Systems, this is the maximum daily workload: the number of patients in one treatment room in other centers in the world does not exceed 35 per day.
A unique combination of available technologies, rich experience and professionalism of each of our team members, clearly regulated processes of medical care and patient logistics, combined with the transport accessibility of St. level of service, at a significantly lower price than in other pediatric oncology centers.
Learn more about the capabilities of the MIBS Pediatric Oncology treatment and the possibility of treating your child right now.


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